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Queen Sweep would love to hear you say “My wife is hot!" Especially being a woman owned company, we all know how nice that is to hear! Except when it has a different meaning: When she's cranky and her makeup is sweating off her face because the AC has just broken in your home and its 90 degrees... Watch out hubby! Get us there fast! 24-7 emergency service available!
Queen Sweepknows there is nothing better then a romantic night to snuggle because you want to save on the heat in the house. We also know it’s no fun when the heat has broken in the middle of the night and your furnace has stopped working... Call us for 24-7 emergency service!
Furnace Repair
So the heat stopped working... This is not a good time to wait days for an appointment. You want it fixed quickly and affordably. Well, you are in the right place. Our expert technicians will get to your home in no time and have your furnace diagnosed and repaired with no delays.

New Furnaces
So you're attached to your 20 year old furnace and don’t want to let go of it? This can be a tough choice, as no one wants to spend extra money. There comes a time when it's no longer an option and inevitably you will be happy you stopped dumping money into repairing your dinosaur of a system. The new, high efficiency systems will help you save on your bills each month, and help to avoid the uncertainty of when it will stop working. There are several energy rebates available to help assist with the cost of replacement. We also offer packages with financing options.

We carry several types of furnaces and we specialize in radiant heat. Never step on cold floors again! Ask us about this service!

Maintenance & Service

The best way to keep your system running for many years is routine maintenance. Just like anything in life, if your home is not maintained, it won’t last you in the long run. Ask us about our service maintenance agreements, which can save you hundreds of dollars each year on maintaining all your services.

 Chimneys: Visit our Chimney section to see how your Chimney plays a vital role in your heating systems functionality .